Easy Media Suite

EMS was formed in 2006 as brand of Devtek, when it delivered its first system the same year, a universally established company with global sales outlets worldwide. EMS has a dedicated team of Engineers, Developers and System Architects, can provide with an end to end solution for any TV broadcast requirements. EMS works closely with worldwide partners to provide customers the best possible experience. In keeping with the changes in the market requirements EMS delivered the first 4K system in 2014. Easy Media Suite, is one of 

the leading manufacture of Solutions for Playout, CG, Ingest, Media Asset Management, DVB Analyzer, IP Multi-Viewer, TV Broadcast Automation and many other customized solutions for broadcast applications.. It’s an easy to use module based software solution, already a leading player in 4K and I/P based solutions, as the industry integrates new formats and production techniques to create more compelling content, broadcasters need an agile solution for their infrastructure EMS are quick to react to the ever changing market requirements.

SD/HD/4K/IP Graphics Generator

Easy CG is a comprehensive software package that enables TV Channels to display their graphics instantly on Air without compromise in quality or flexibility.


Any TV Channel that want to send their video audio sources to another destination, Easy Ip Encoder can be used. At decoding side any hardware or software or set top box IP decoder can decode or any IP-Multiplexer can accept the stream.

Media Asset Manager and Archiving Solution

Easy to use, scalable, affordable solution
A centralized multimedia content catalogue.Simple and advanced search,Search by category or alternate criteria....


EMS DVB Analyzer is a comprehensive, adjustable and robust solution that enables powerful and accurate analyze of all the aspects of DVB Transport Streams.


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